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Rims, Wheels and Tires

Auto Detailing Specialists

A family business that supports the community

Clifton Auto Centre Inc. in Montreal installs and repairs rims, wheels and tires for all your vehicles. Our experienced mechanics can also do wheel alignments and balancing to give you optimal and safe driving performance.


Getting Stylish with your Car

Clifton Auto is made up of a team of car lovers, and whatever condition your car arrives in, the Clifton team wants it to leave our garage as a feast for the eyes. We all see the beauty in the world, from nature to fashion. When discussing fashion, it is well known that a new pair of shoes completes the outfit. The same goes for new stylish wheels on your car.

Complete your car's outfit with a new set of wheels. Clifton Auto is proud to work with FastCo as its supplier of luxury wheels. Not only are the wheels fashionable and stylish, but they are also made in Canada. While we set you up with new high quality tires, we emphasize how beautiful your car is with a new set of wheels.

Many people have their winter and summer tires switched each season on the same set of rims. Removing and replacing the tires every other season only damages the tires over time. Clifton Auto recommends a separate set of wheels for winter and one set for summer in order to maintain the longevity of your tires, and be in style.

Take a look at what’s available on the FastCo website and give Clifton Auto a call, or come see us: whether you prefer larger rims, regular fitting, factory OEM or low-profile wheels, we have what you want. Make your imagination come to life and let Clifton Auto help you make a fashionable decision today!


We are proud to offer Fastco branded wheels and tires since these products have such a great track record! Take advantage of our promotion: for any auto body work done in our workshop, you get 25% off on all types of wheels!


MAKE AN APPOINTMENT today by contacting Clifton Auto Centre Inc.

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