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Complete Solutions for Your Car Windows in Montreal

Auto Detailing Specialists

A family business that supports the community

Were you about to start your vehicle when you suddenly noticed a crack or hole on your windshield? The car window specialists at Clifton Auto Centre Inc. in Montreal can help you.

Vandalism, collision, stone... no matter what caused the problem, our experienced professionals can replace auto glass of any kind. If the glass is not shattered, we can repair it using our advanced equipment and high quality materials.

Seeing Clearly is Imperative for Safe Driving

What can happen to your windshield over time:
Chips can be filled, and if done soon after it was created the chip should virtually disappear, and prevent any crack to form from it forcing you to replace the whole glass.
If not in the field of vision, it is legally allowed to remain untouched, but not recommended since the structural safety of the glass has now been compromised. It will eventually get larger and spread. Change the glass.
A myriad of tiny abrasions from dust is causing glares from lights around you
At low speeds, dust does almost nothing. At highway speeds, however, these tiny particles are hitting your car with such impact that they cause tiny scratches that you might not notice immediately. But over time, these scratches add up, and you will notice the shine on your car disappear, and the glare from lights getting larger. At night, these glares from car headlights or streetlamps are distracting and hazardous. Some garages claim to polish glass... Clifton Auto does not, nor do we believe many garages can do it safely. Change the glass.

Clifton Auto will take care of your glass repair and replacement needs without question. Give us a call as soon as you can to book an appointment. The windshield is your vision, and nothing is more important than that when driving.

For all your car glass needs, do not hesitate TO CONTACT Clifton Auto Centre Inc. today to make an appointment.

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